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Hypnotherapy is an alternative curative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses
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Brain Working Recursive Therapy®
BWRT® deals with your emotional or psychological triggers even before they reach your conscious mind………
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L J Counselling Therapies provides a safe and confidential way forward to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a non-judgement environment.
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What our happy Clients say

I had hypnosis sessions with Lorraine. Her professional but friendly manner put me at ease and I was able to relax deeply and quickly. The techniques Lorraine used helped me greatly and I would highly recommend her.

I have also had massages from Lorraine which were excellent.

Liz Carrie

I’ve know Lorraine for over a year and I always knew we would have a connection- then when I found out she was doing BWRT & WSN coaching – that was going to be it!
We had a chat about some blockages I had going on (although Lorraine didn’t want any details – she didn’t need to know, as long as I could focus on what the issues were) which were preventing me growing not only as a person but more importantly- my business.
Lorraine then designed a package for me based on the info she had. So off we went – and I can only describe the results as remarkable!!
Never before have I experienced ANYTHING like this. I can honestly say I feel better, sleep better and know with absolute certainty that my business & life is going EXACTLY where I want it to go.

Karen Davidson

The sessions have given me confidence back. The One 2 One sessions have made a real difference! I couldn’t have made the change I needed to on my own.

Joanne Buchan

Thanks to Lorraine, I now feel much more confident and self-assured. I would highly recommend contacting her, as you may experience the life changing I have and it feels wonderful.

Karen Stevenson

After meeting Lorraine twice, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt about life, after removing the guilt I had carried around with me for 37 years.

Chris Smith

I have been a client of Lorraine’s for over 3 years. Treatments I have loved are Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Neck, Back and Shoulders Massage. Lorraine is expert at tailoring the treatments to your needs.

“I have also used Lorraine’s Body Transformation Programme – this was very successful and 18 months since my sessions I am still losing weight and to date have lost a total of 21lbs. Lorraine’s sessions focused on lifestyle and changes encouraging me to take control over all aspects of my life. Through Lorraine’s programme I have maintained my new lifestyle and continue to feel good about me”

Lynda Bardai

Fear can be so paralysing and ultimately control our lives without us even realising. I had a fear and it is only now, when recall how I felt, that I realise just how powerful my fear had become. Daddy long legs – yes an insect with a tiny little body and big gangly legs used to make me physically sweat and panic. When I become pregnant I wouldn’t go out my front door as they use to ‘hang out’ in my porch, that’s when I realised just how much my fear was affecting my life. I heard about a girl that had overcome her fear of spiders overnight, Lorraine had transformed this girl’s life. I knew I didn’t want to pass my fears onto my child so I contacted Lorraine. Lorraine is so incredibly warm and inviting, I felt immediately comfortable talking to her. A few sessions later and I was a massive fan. Hypnotherapy is like magic, its life changing and incredibly AMAZING!. I now see daddy long-legs and don’t bat an eyelid, I even caught one in my bare hands to take it outside but then my son showed his curiosity so I bent down and opened up my hand to let him see. As it flew off, I smiled as I had proven to my son there was nothing to be afraid of. I was so proud of myself. A massive Thank You to Lorraine, you have changed my life…..

Paula Ferguson

I went to Lorraine to help with my anxiety, I had a course of hypnotherapy and even after the first session I felt a spring in my step and overall good feeling. I now feel I can cope better with my anxiety and when I feel anxious I can think back to my sessions and this allows me to stay calm – Highly recommend trying it.

Fiona Jamieson